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Pre-employment screening specialist with a proven track record


We deliver services that help you move forward


We are commited to creating a safer and more secure workplace


We help reduce the risk of hiring unwanted and unqualified applicants


Why Pre-Screen?

Pre-Screen.ie provides a structured screening service designed to identify the bogus or innacurate applicant.

Is it legal?

Pre-Screen.ie is a registered data processor with the Data Protection Commissioner.

Employers, Hire in Haste!

Be confident the people you engage are who and what they say they are.

Welcome to Pre-Screen.ie

The success of your business depends on many things, key among them is your people. When you are bringing new people onto your team it is critical that they fit in, share the company ethos and work to obtain the companies goals and objectives.

Pre-Screen | For when you need to know more

People who lie about themselves and make false claims about their education, experience, and commitment are not people who enhance your organisation.

Pre-Screen is a quality assurance service that enables businesses to protect themselves from disloyal employees, bogus customers and unscrupulous suppliers, and landlords to avoid disreputable tenants.

Hire in haste…

Employers – hire in haste, repent at your leisure. Increase costs to business through fraud, poor performance, low morale, more training and non-functioning teams.
Landlords – the wrong tenant will cost you money, time and stress!
Be confident the people you engage are who and what they say they are!

Our Services
Pre-Screen provides a comprehensive range of vetting services tailored to meet a client’s specific needs. Our goal is to enable you to protect your business.
Judgement Searches
Financial history to ascertain if the candidate has registered or unregistered judgements against them for non-payment of debt
Character Reference Checks
Supports employment history and helps establish person’s character, attendance record, work ethic, and attitude.
Employment History
Validates a prospective new employees’ experience, remuneration, dates of employment, identifies gaps, reason for departure, re-hire status.
Educational Qualifications
Direct verification with School/College regarding claimed educational qualifications and/or dates of attendance.
Professional Qualifications
Direct verification with Professional Body who oversees the relevant professional qualification.
Address and Identity Checks
We can confirm a person’s address/identity in
a number of ways. This can include checking
the land registry, the register of electorates,
or obtaining documentation from candidates,
such as: a passport, driving license, proof of
PPS, utility bill etc.
Director and Company Searches
A full Companies Registration Office (CRO) check can be carried out. The capability also exists to carry out International Company Searches and Securities Exchange Checks (SEC).

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