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It is Aver’s goal to provide you with an affordable and reliable pre-employment screening service delivered in a timely and courteous manner. All background checks and employment screenings are carried out in a highly confidential manner and in compliance with Data Protection regulation.

“Be confident that the people you engage with are who they say they are”

Financial history to ascertain if the candidate has registered or unregistered judgements against them for non-payment of debt.

What is an employment history Check?

This check validates a prospective new employees’ work experience, dates of employment, identifies gaps, reason for departure and re-hire status. This is conducted based on an agreed timespan, Aver usually verify between 5 and 10 years of the candidates employment history.

Employment history checks are beneficial to employers:

It is vital for the hiring company to ensure that the information supplied on a potential hires CV is true and accurate. It is assurance that the experience claimed by the applicant is true. Ensure that your employees are who they say they are!

Employment history verification is mandatory in some employment sectors:

Not only is it important to verify candidates work history to prevent dishonesty, employment verification is also a mandatory requirement for some roles. For example; door supervisors, static security guards and roles whereby staff members are subject to Aviation Screening standards. In all cases it is a statutory requirement that these candidates be subject to a 5-year employment history check.

Pre-Screen provides a comprehensive range of vetting services tailored to meet a client’s specific needs. Our goal is to enable you to protect your business.

What is a credit check?

Aver International conducts a background check into the candidate’s financial history. This check will identify if a candidate has previously been declared bankrupt or has outstanding debts. The financial history check can ascertain if the candidate has registered or unregistered judgements against them for non-payment of debt.

Why conduct a credit check on a potential hire?

Credit checks can help protect a company’s integrity.

What type of business should conduct credit checks on potential hires?

Credit checks are a useful pre-employment screening tool for all organizations. It is a particularly valuable check on a potential hire whose role would grant them access to stock or money. Under the Fitness and Probity Act 2011 it is a statutory requirement to carry out this check on candidates carrying out “Controlled Functions (CF)” within the financial services industry.

Credit checks on employees help protect your business

Credit checks on employees give the employer the knowledge and choice to protect their business from potential theft and fraud. Employee’s in debt can be tempted to engage in unlawful behavior.

What is a character reference check?

A character reference seeks out personal characteristics as opposed to work skills. Aver International makes direct conduct with the candidate’s character reference to gain insight into the candidate’s personality, character, honesty and reliability. It is important that the referee is non-biased. Aver International can provide guidance on suitable referees.

Who are character references beneficial to?

Employers: a character reference is a solid addition to employment references.

Landlords: a character reference helps paint a picture of the potential renter. Ensure the potential tenant is someone you want to entrust your property to.

Job-seekers: character references are crucial for candidates with a limited work history, for example new graduates or the long-term un-employed.

Why character reference checks are relevant in the workplace A character reference is supportive to work history and provides a more informed and rounded view of the candidate:

This check is useful to businesses as it is not only work ethic that defines a good employee but also interpersonal skills and integrity. Ensure your hires are not only capable but also a good character fit for your organisation.

Verifying a potential hire’s educational details:

In todays competitive workforce most roles have an education requirement whether that be secondary or third level education. Educational accomplishments are commonly falsified on CV’s. Aver International obtain direct verification with the School/College regarding claimed educational qualifications and dates of attendance. Typically, it is the candidates highest ranking educational achievement that is verified.

Benefits of verifying educational details:

Ensure that you are hiring the most qualified person for the role. Not only is the candidate’s education verified but it also tests their integrity in an age where illegitimate diplomas are easily produced and obtained.

Benefit of outsourcing education verification:

Verifying education details can be a time consuming and lengthy process. With over a decade’s experience Aver International have accumulated the knowledge and contacts to verify candidate’s qualifications with academic institutions worldwide.

What is a professional qualification?

Professional Qualifications refer to an award or title issued by a recognised professional body, such as a Chartered Accountant (CA). This check entails direct verification with the Professional Body who oversees the relevant professional qualification.

Why you should verify professional qualifications:

To confirm your hire is qualified for the role. Do not jeopardise your reputation by hiring or placing underqualified staff with your clients. Verifying professional qualifications ensures your company’s due diligence.

Why are identity checks on employees important?

An Identification check is the foundation of any background check. It is vital for employers to ensure their employees are who they say they are.

We can confirm a person’s address/identity in a number of ways. This can include checking the land registry, the register of electorates, or obtaining documentation from candidates, such as: a passport, driving license, proof of PPS, utility bill etc.

Identity checks can also validate the candidates right to work in said country.

What is Aviation Screening?

Aviation Screening is a statutory screening standard set out by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). It involves pre-screening candidates who will work in environments where goods or mail are packed for air cargo transportation. Aviation Screening involves conducting a five-year background check. Aver International will contact all of a candidate’s previous employers within the past five years and obtain written statements of employment, confirming the candidates dates of employment and the positions they held. Any gaps in this timeframe will be investigated and accounted for.

Make sure your company is compliant regards Aviation Screening

Ensure that you are being compliant and accurately screening your employees. All staff that are employed in a warehouse or shipping department, who process goods for transport by mail or air cargo, are subject to screening standards as set out by the NCASP (National Civil Aviation Security Programme) and Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1998. Under this regulation employers are required to carry out five-year background checks on employees, with any gap in employment greater than 28 days being accounted for.

Benefit of outsourcing aviation screening

Conducting Aviation Screening on employees is tedious and time-consuming work. Let Aver International, the pre-employment experts, take the stress out of ensuring you company’s compliance with this audited requirement.

What PSA screening?

A five-year background screening of Door Supervisors and Static Security Guards. This is a mandatory screening requirement for all Door Supervisors and Static Security Guards.

What is involved in PSA employment verification?

Aver will contact all of the candidate’s previous employers from within the past five years. Aver will obtain statements of employment in writing from each of these employers. Any gaps in employment greater than 28 days, within the five-year period, will be accounted for and supported by documentary evidence. In compliance with PSA standards the entire screening process will be documented; Aver will log the name of employers contacted, the method of contact, and date and time of contact. Once completed Aver will provide a report that fulfils the PSA requirement for employers to carry out employment history checks on their employees.

Advantages of outsourcing your PSA employment verification to Aver International

  • To ensure that you are compliant with PSA standards
  • It is quick and Efficient
  • Take the stress out of audits
  • Aver International have the experience and knowledge to complete this screening in a timely and efficient manner

A modern background check tool:

A media check is a modern-day tool to observe how people present themselves. A background check to help ensure that you are hiring the ‘right fit’ for your organisation.

A public domain search can highlight ‘red flags’:

A media search involves internet searches in public domains. The searches include social media, blogs, media articles etc. This search can highlight to the employer any ‘red flags’ so to speak, that would not be in line with company ethos.

Evaluate online behavior:

A public domain search gives access to the potential employee’s digital footprint. This involves assessing their online behavior. For example, aggressive or discriminative behavior on twitter could indicate that this person’s views and morals are not in line with your company or excessive social media usage could suggest that the candidate is on social media during working hours. Public domain searches can also flag any crimes linked to the candidate that were reported on by local media.

Why conduct directorship searches?

Directorship searches are most relevant but not limited to, high level hires and previously self-employed candidates. Directorship searches not only validates the candidate’s CV but can also highlight any conflicts of interest to your business.

Benefits of directorship searches

A directorship search can be useful as it provides insight into the candidate’s performance as a director. For example, if the company’s performance increased during the candidate’s time as director or adversely if it went into liquidation. The search can also highlight if the directorship is current, previously held or if they were disqualified.

Tenant pre-screening

Honest and reliable tenants are critical to your success. Pre-Screen can help you get them onboard quickly and easily through our efficient background screening services. It is our goal to provide you with affordable and reliable tenant screening services delivered in a timely manner. All background checks and other screenings are carried out in a highly confidential manner by experienced staff.

In today’s environment a lot of work, time and money go into finding the right tenant to rent to, the last thing any Landlord wants is a bad tenant moving in. It is of the utmost importance that tenants are who they say they are, that they can pay their rent and will not mistreat your property.

Rather than making the mistake of taking people at face value, why not let us complete a full background screening on your potential tenant to make sure that they are the ideal tenant for you.

Reasons why you should pre-screen tenants

  • Don’t rent without knowing a potential tenant’s credit history
  • Avoid nightmares: Even the well employed can be nightmare tenants. A good income never guarantees good behaviour, so check personal and rental references of each tenant applicant
  • Mitigate your risk: Proper tenant screening can prevent a predator from becoming your tenant and your liability
  • Reduce tenant turnover: Know what you’re dealing with going in, so you don’t have to watch tenants move out due to failure to pay rent
  • Reduce damage to your property
  • Improve length of occupancy
  • Avoid evictions and loss of income

The best defense against problem tenants

Prevent them from moving into your property in the first place. Pre-screening tenants with reference, background and credit checks is not 100% foolproof, but it’s a good practice to establish. While there are no guarantees, and even the most cautious landlords have their share of bad tenants, pre-screening will definitely help you avoid them.

Benefits of Pre-Screening

The objective of screening is to prevent dishonest applicants making dishonest applications. As an independent service, not involved in the recruitment process, Aver can certify that the information provided by the candidate is truthful. People who lie about themselves and make false claims about their education, experience and comittment are not people who enhance your organisation. Our aim is to supply you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about who you employ.

You are Reducing Risk From

  • Fraud/Litigation

  • Damage to your reputation

  • Loss of clients through loss of confidence or damaged relationships

You are reducing costs from

  • Lowering your attrition and hiring costs

  • Reducing your training costs

  • Allowing your HR department to focus on their core business

You should pre-screen because

  • Your competitors are

  • At least 20% of resumes contain false information

  • In many industries it is now mandatory

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