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Aver International are an Irish based, family owned company that have been providing screening services since 1999.
Pre-employment screening usually involves an employer carrying out one or more employment checks, such as a reference or qualification checks, before making a decision about hiring a person.
Pre-Screen can save you time and money; By using Pre-Screen to fulfil your pre-employment screening needs, you will speed up the recruitment process, free up your staff, and fill vacant roles quicker. It is Pre-screen’s goal to provide you with an affordable and reliable pre-employment screening service delivered in a timely and courteous manner. All background checks and employment screenings are treated as highly confidential and carried out in compliance with Data Protection regulation.
The time it takes to complete the pre-employment screening depends on the number of checks being carried out. Most reports are completed and returned to the client within 4 business days.
When it comes to pre-employment screening there is no one size fits all. However, no matter what sector your organisation operates in Pre-Screen can tailor an easy and effective solution to meet your need for background check reports. Every business has different pre-screening needs and the level of screening required will depend on the nature of your business and the positions that are being filled; we will work with you to create a tailor-made package that will suit your needs.
Yes, once you have signed up to our service your recruiters will have the ability to send candidates a hyperlink to fill out an on-line application. Once candidates have provided all the required information and provided consent the screening process begins immediately.
In most cases we would confirm the highest completed qualification that the candidate has achieved, regardless of the time period in which this was completed. We will verify the qualification directly with the awarding body or institution.
No, Aver do not provide Garda Vetting. In Ireland, Garda Vetting can only be carried out in situations where employees are going to be working with children or vulnerable people.
The cost depends on the number of services required. Each pre-employment screening package is tailor made to our client’s specifications. Most of our clients combine numerous services, by combining services into a single package we can offer a better price. We also offer discounts based on volume.
No, Pre-Screen operate on a client/volume basis.
Yes, Aver International require informed consent from the individual being pre-screened.
Call us today on (+353) (0)5786 33733 to speak to an account manager regards setting up an account. We typically onboard a new client within two business days.
Yes, once you have the employees’ consent.
No, there is no set-up fee and no hidden extra costs. All costs are agreed up front.
Yes, Aver International handle all personal data in a secure and confidential manner in line with GDPR. Aver International are registered data processors with the Data Protection Commissioner.
Yes, there is no one size fits all when it comes to pre-employment screening. We will tailor a pre-screening package to suit your needs.
Aver International will verify whatever education details are provided by the applicant. We advise that the applicant provides details for the highest level of qualification that they have achieved.
As far back as the client requires.
Reports are returned on our secure online portal. You can login and view the status of your pre-screens in real time. The portal is accessible 24/7.
By law this is not possible in Ireland unless the role involves the candidate working with children or vulnerable people. In lieu, Aver International offer an Enhanced Due Diligence check.
This is a database and media check to see if the candidate has any links to high profile crime such as fraud, money laundering, trafficking, terrorism, corruption, or organised crime. The check will only report adverse findings about a candidate that have been reported on in the media or other publicly available sources including the names of individuals, companies and organisations contained in over 900 current international official lists covering 60 jurisdictions. Lists published by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the United Nations and the European Union are included.
This depends on your company and the level of position you are recruiting for. Aver International will advise on and create a screening package that suits your hiring requirements.
Aver International Pre-Screen is based in Co. Laois, Ireland.
Through Aver Internationals online portal. You simply have to login to our online portal, send the potential hire a unique hyperlink that directs them to the pre-employment screening forms and we do the rest. It is that simple.
Yes, we will provide you with an account manager. Aver international is a company that prides itself on providing excellent customer service.
Yes, educational accomplishments can be easily falsified. Aver International obtain direct verification with the School/College regarding claimed educational qualifications and dates of attendance.
No, the information provided in the pre-employment screening report is just that; information. It is up to you the client to evaluate the results of the report and determine how it affects the hiring decision.
As data processors and not the data controller we urge candidates to contact the hiring company directly for a copy of their pre-employment screening.
Aver International have a retention policy of 6 months after which all personal data is safely and securely erased. As we are not the data controller we have no reason to retain the data for any longer.
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